The smallest working redux(ish)

I was trying to explain to a friend how redux is basically just error checking and middleware around a relatively understandable concept . This doesn’t mean we should implement our own, there’s definitely value in having a standard library to use for a pattern. That said there are a few alternatives: unsurprisingly there is unistore from Jason Miller (the man of 1000 libs!), which is similar but different. The main selling point with unistore is size – standing at a tiny 650b – and that got me to thinking: how small can redux go?

My answer is 37b …

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Shipping flow types with an NPM module

Shipping flow types with a project on NPM without going through flow-typed is a pain. As with a lot of flow stuff it’s doable but undocumented (give $Shape a Google for a good example of this). Recently I had cause to do this with a small module that I was writing at work: I didn’t want to use flow-typed as I wanted to change types as quickly as I changed my code. So how to do it …

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